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Step into your greatness, with Daris Frencha

Name: Daris Frencha

City and State: Ft. Worth, Texas

Occupation: Independent Associate LegalShield

Photo credit: Keocca Bagley P&F

When your son was just 12 years old, you got a divorce. You were already an associate with Legal Shield, but just like that your ex husband's steady income was gone overnight. What was your initial gut reaction to your future?

"I've got to make this happen now! It's do or die!"

I've come too far to go back to living an ordinary, mundane life. If this is what's going to push me into my greatness, then let's do it.

I did freak out at first, don't get me wrong. lol!

As you were thinking through pursuing your dream, or going back to a corporate job, what were you telling yourself? And how did you ultimately decide to keep going?

I listened to my gut and instinct. Through meditation and prayer, my source, my God was telling me I can do this. That quiet time helped to keep my dream alive, it helped to keep the vision for my life crystal clear, throughout all the adversity.

We live in a time where people get to see our "highlight reel" on social media. What's not on your highlight reel that has led you to the success you wanted 6 years ago?

The Divorce is not there. Driving Uber to make ends meet in between commission checks, is not there. Having a roommate that had mental issues is not on there. I did Airbnb after the roommate, but I loved being an Airbnb host. I didn't love the other situations, but I'm very grateful that the options were there to help me get to the finish line!

Photo credit: Keocca Bagley P&F

You believe that a big part of your success is the five people you surround yourself with the most. If you were to give advice to a woman that was building her own book of business, what attributes and characteristics, should she look for in her five people? And how have your five people helped you?

Surround yourself with positive, optimistic people that can see the silver lining in any situation. Make sure they have vision and see the greatness in you, so they can breathe life back into you on your doubtful days.

Make sure they believe and practice personal development. i.e. read books, invest in conferences, continued learning. Make sure they make more money than you do and that they live a lifestyle you want to live.

You have said that your entire life you have felt that you were put here for a bigger purpose - to change the trajectory of your family breaking the cycle of poverty and addiction. How has building your own book of business helped you accomplish this goal?

So far I've been able to be a real live example for my family. I've been able to share other 'perspectives' which I believe helps to enlarge my families vision for themselves. We've traveled a lot, which I believe also helps with thinking bigger, being exposed to other cultures, etc. The best is yet to come on this point!

What does it mean to you that your vision should grow exponentially?

How you see yourself should continuously expand. How you see your potential, confidence, self-esteem and deserve levels should always increase.

What do you regularly do to ensure that you are listening to the nuggets, nudges, and a-ha moments, to align with your purpose?

Meditate and pray. And read!

Anything else you want to share with us?

Step into your greatness!! You are not reading this by coincidence, this is the nudge to give yourself permission.

A question we ask everyone...what do you want to be known for?

Believing in people, especially women.

My favorite quote is...

"This too shall pass."

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Photo credit: Keocca Bagley P&F

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