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Your purpose is greater than your fear, with Bianca Langford

Name: Bianca Langford

Location: Pinson, Alabama

Occupation: Author, Speaker, and Speech Pathologist

Many women, like you, have multiple talents and gifts. What was it that propelled you into expanding beyond your speech pathology career?

It was going through time periods of feeling like there’s more for me to do; in other words feeling stuck. As well as experiencing a failed relationship that led me to search within myself and discover hidden talents such as writing, speaking, and educating others on subjects relating to self-love, emotional intelligence and healing from the pain of your past.

Bianca, you wrote a book! How did you decide to do that and what was the process like for you?

Yes! I am very proud to be the Author of Speaking to The Giant Within You. The theme of this book is centered around helping women that feel like they are stuck in life possibly due to not healing from the pain of their past; they are searching for the answers because they know that they have a greater purpose within them. I spoke in a women’s conference about a year ago and discussed several topics included in the book. I didn’t know at the time of the conference that it would become a book later. The book has topics relating to: self-love, forgiveness, purpose, letting go of the past and not settling in life. I also included three personal testimonials of my own life. I believe this was the hardest part about writing the book. I wrote the book in about three months and held onto it for two months before completing the editing, formatting and printing process. It was a courageous experience for me! It took a lot of faith and trust in God to continue throughout the process. I am SO glad that I did! Yay! It is my ultimate goal to be a blessing to everyone that purchases my book!

Prior to writing the book, you went through a challenging time, including being in a toxic relationship. What did that time and your experience teach you about what you wanted to include in your book?

I learned the process of taking the time to heal, practice self-love and turn my pain into purpose. As well as educate, encourage and inspire others to do the same as well by writing my book. I always knew that I was a speaker but the writing was developed more as a result of my personal experiences. I started writing by encouraging others through social media platforms. I did a lot of reading, research and looking at YouTube videos about toxic relationships and narcissistic personality traits. Learning this information helped me to want to share some of the red flags in dating and learning to “Trust your Gut and walk away even when you don’t know every detail and you haven’t received closure!” Loving yourself means that you love yourself enough to recognize the wrong and wait for the right when it comes to a relationship.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned over the past few years? And what advice would you give to someone sitting on the verge of making change in her life?

I have learned that if you have experienced any type of pain or trauma resulting in you feeling stuck in that pain that you owe it to yourself to do whatever you can to heal! I’ve learned to appreciate the small things in each day! Find something to be grateful for and joyful even in the midst of bad times because, you never know what will happen from day to day. The goal of adversity is to bring about discipline and growth!

My advice to someone seeking to make a change in her life would be to do what’s in your heart! Let your PURPOSE be greater than your FEAR!! The “why” has to drive you into action and every time that doubt comes in just remember your “why.” Now, get moving! You can do it!

Tell us about your mantra "Maintain your place of peace and power" and how you lean on it.

I developed this during a time period when I felt like I was carrying my own responsibilities as: a mother, speech pathologist, and business owner as well as the burdens of others’ close to me. What I realized is that I didn’t have to “carry all of it!”

I learned to pray and get clearer direction as well as say “no!” Sometimes, you can care more about another person than they care about themselves and you can lose your peace in the process. I lean on the mantra in this manner.

There will always be situations and circumstances that happen in my life that’s uncontrollable, painful maybe even devastating! And, I allow myself to get emotional about it for a little while but I have learned how to maintain my peace in the midst of storms and walk in my power!

God has given each and everyone of us power!

What has it meant for you to break the status quo of not sticking to what "they" say should happen for your life?

I am loving every minute of being able to succeed in different areas of my life outside of my chosen profession as a speech pathologist! I am so much more than my career! It excites me to make goals and crush them!

There is the model of “how” things work and because I’m multitalented it’s not easy to stick to the created system. So, I stand in faith that I can break the status quo and still be successful no matter what I am blessed to do in my life.

You have said that you can't put everything into one book. What will you include in your next book? And how do you think the process will look different from the first time?

I know that I will write another book. I haven’t quite decided on the title or specifics of the content. My first hand picks would be subjects related to: communication, prayer, and emotional intelligence. I am studying topics related to the mind, emotions and, heart. I am sure that the process will be more smoother and I will move forward with greater confidence.

Anything else you want to share with us?

I would like to say thank you for the readers that take the time to read about my spotlight with the Bold Women Society.

If you are facing any current challenges in your life with moving forward and pursuing purpose, I recommend these Four Steps:

1. Make a plan

2. Strategize the plan for achieving your goals.

3. Take action

4. Stay focused by visualizing the goals and end result.

Keep it in your daily thought process. Lastly, remember your purpose is greater than your fear!

A question we ask everyone...what do you want to be known for?

I want to be known for being confident and bold enough to be ME. I want to use all that God has placed within me to help others and impact lives in a great way.

My favorite quote is...

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us... Marianne Williamson

You can connect with Bianca on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube

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